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serious learning and serious fun

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Training Workshops
Serious learning outcomes using fun, creative, experiential methodologies!

Learning should be simple and real. It should excite, engage and involve the learner completely for it to be effective and transformational. Our corporate training workshops use experiential, immersive methodologies and creative, engaging tools to create the perfect learning environment.


Team Building
Building a winning team…and having fun getting there!

We help prove to your team that absolutely anything is possible when they work together! We create perfect opportunities to build cohesive teams using a variety of creative, engaging tools. Our strategically designed sessions move the equation smoothly from ‘initial discomfort’ to ‘comfortable camaraderie’ without a hitch.


Professional Facilitations
Learning off-sites, fun retreats, business conferences, conference energizers…

We drive & deliver the agenda on your behalf! Whether it is a serious learning off-site, a fun retreat or a business conference, we bring focus, energy and engagement into the process of moderation, training and facilitation. In the bargain, you can keep the focus on participating and engaging with the business at hand.


Integrated Solutions
Part communication, part engagement, part training = organizational transformation

Our holistic approach to systematic organizational transformation enables us to move in gradual logical steps from introduction and awareness of your objectives, to active engagement whereby people become invested enough to truly ‘live’ the new behaviours.


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E-Factor creates bespoke EXPERIENTIAL SOLUTIONS that address SERIOUS LEARNING, SERIOUS FUN and every combination in between.
At the core of our services is a belief in the power of experiential methodologies to deliver the best solutions – whether the need is team building, corporate training and development in behavioural areas or creating integrated solutions for organizational development. Our solutions are completely bespoke and customized to suit each client’s unique requirements.

E Factor Chennai India Rajiv Choudhry


Chief Experiential Officer

Rajiv has over three decades of management, business and entrepreneurial experience spanning from manufacturing to training. He was barely 19 years old when he independently began his own manufacturing business. To this day, he continues to experientially study, analyse and effectively transfer his learnings from the greatest master of all – life and living itself!

E Factor Chennai India Hamsavani Raman



A multi-faceted, multi-talented, genial personality! Artist by nature, writer by choice, story-teller & performer by virtue of personality, training-designer & facilitator by design. As ‘Head of Solutions’ at EFactor, Hamsa brings it all together in the form of bespoke creative and experiential solutions that are specially crafted for our clients! She has a finger in every pie … And ensures that every pie has her signature touch !!

E Factor Chennai India Latha Jessie L



Driven by systems, this electronics engineer props the backbone of the company with solid research in the training department. With 10 years of extensive experience in the CAD/Multimedia industry, Latha’s extensive technical and training expertise comes in handy when one is trying to understand the vagaries of Windows or planning a training design.

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E Factor Chennai India Clients
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For enquiries drop us a line on solutions@efactor.biz or call on +91-99401 65949

No 294, [1st Floor], Farm House Estate,
T.T.K. Road, Alwarpet, Chennai – 600 018
Tamil Nadu, INDIA

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